Are you an ASPIRING Entrepreneur in High school or College?

Y.E.S.S. (Young Entrepreneur Student Society) is an elite entrepreneur mentoring program that focuses on assisting students students to execute & achieve entrepreneurial goals!


Unlike SCORE we connect the students with mentors who know the trends yet have the experience to guide them toward success. Each student discovers their mentor(s) in 3 simple steps:

  • Establish the product/service offering & business model

  • Complete Personality, Behavior & Skill Assessment for matching

  • Introduction to Mentor(s) & Concept Agenda-Driven mentoring session.

The Love for Mentoring

All of our mentors are entrepreneurs with over 10 years of experience in their expertise. Many of them are multi-millionaires who are fully active in their respective industries. Ensuring the best advice and resources for each student. Every mentor has a passion for the future advancement of our youth!

Student must be recommended!


To be eligible, the applicant must be recommended by a teacher, professor, or educational administrator.

WE'VE WORK WITH SEVERAL Colleges such as NYU & BBMC on nominating students every semester since 2018

Open Enrollment Winter 2022

Winter 2022 Season
Application Open:

Application Close:
01/05/ 2022

Notified Acceptance:

Mentoring Starts:
Jan 15th, 2022

Ready to Apply Now?

Application for this Winter 2022 mentorship program opens on November 15th, 2021, and closes on January 5th, 2022.

Students must be recommended by a teacher or professor. We can email your teacher or professor on your behalf about our program.

Complete our preliminary mentorship application. Please Submit before January 5th, 2022! for Fall Enrollment

Interested in becoming a mentor?
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2022 Season Schedule

Spring 2022 Season
Application Open: 02/15/2022
Application Close: 04/05/2022
Notified Acceptance: 04/10/2022
Mentoring Starts: Apr 15th, 2022

Summer 2022 Season
Application Open: 05/15/2022
Application Close: 07/05/ 2022
Notified Acceptance: 07/10/2022
Mentoring Starts: Jul 15th, 2022

Fall 2022 Season
Application Open: 08/15/2022
Application Close: 10/05/ 2022
Notified Acceptance: 10/10/2022
Mentoring Starts: Oct 15th, 2022

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